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Your Breath Speaks

Hello Friend!

The way you breathe can tell you a lot about yourself. What does your breathing pattern say about you? How can you consciously shift patterns for greater health and wellbeing?

It’s so fun to notice what our breathing patterns are, and you might be surprised at what you learn when you put your attention to it.

First, there is no right or wrong way to breathe. The key is to recognize that your breath is a reflection of how you have adapted to what life has put in front of you, and how you continue to adapt in every moment. These adaptations are expressed in the ways that we breathe.

There are breathing patterns associated with certain diseases and health conditions, like diabetes and stroke, for example. Also, our breathing patterns change with deep rest or meditation. Our breath can show us so much! There is even a study showing sniffer dogs to be able to reliably detect lung cancer from the breath of patients. An acupuncture treatment can affect a change in your breathing pattern, slowing the breath down to a calm state.

Our breath brings us into our body, and noticing it provides a path to deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment.

Your body is the doorway to being in the present moment.

The moment is the doorway to being present.

Being present is the doorway to the inner self.

Here is an exercise for you to try. Take a moment and pay attention to the way that you are breathing right now. Notice three things in particular:

Location: Where does your breath go easily, naturally for you? What areas is it hard for your breath to reach?

Rhythm: What is the rhythmic pattern of your breath? Does it feel like a push? A pull? Does it have a pause? If so, where does that pause happen? When you inhale? Exhale?

Quality: Is your breathing light or heavy? Does it begin quietly or with a strong burst or gasp

There is value in simply noticing these things. What did you notice?

Connecting with your breathing pattern, whatever it may be, is a step to connecting with the vastness that is you. In that place of connection, you have a great power to command change, and create a different story about yourself if you wish.  You can affect the way you perceive yourself.

Your breath can illuminate pathways for you Try this:

Connect to the feeling of being present with yourself, how it feels when you have “seen” yourself. Feel it in your body, and in your emotions.

Let an image form inside your mind that represents this feeling. Explore the image in detail. See it. Hear it. Touch it.

Establish a dialogue with the image and let that conversation unfold. Ask the image what name it wishes to be addressed as. Let thoughts or ideas or images come up as they will, and notice them. They may be information for you—a bubbling up of your inner wisdom.

We hope you enjoy playing with these exercises and noticing what your breath has to say to you.

Tools and Tips

Saying Thank you – The first step for transformation

How to be thankful when you don’t feel thankful

Once a year here in the U.S. (and elsewhere), we unite and in the thought to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to connect to the inner state of gratefulness and, when we are grateful, a whole cascade of neurochemicals is released in our bodies, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair and immune mechanisms. When we are in gratefulness, we feel connected to others and we are happier.

The thing is, sometimes Thanksgiving week comes and we are just not “there.” We are going through issues, stresses, hurts, and are having a hard time finding what to say thank you for, much less have the feeling of gratitude. We may say to ourselves “forget this, Thanksgiving is an arbitrary date and I don’t have control over what is happening to me just these days.” What can we do to jump into the stream of gratitude?

Here is a practical exercise you can do:

• Sit on the edge of a chair, with your belly and chest open, feet planted on the floor.

• Take 3 breaths and feel your body there, sitting where you are. Relax your eyes and your tongue.

• Connect to an area of your body that is in good condition, that you feel works well (it might be your lungs, your heart, a strong muscle area). Feel that area of your body.

• Say thank you to that part of your body. It is there, working well, so it is easy to be grateful for that. OK; now we are in mini gratefulness, our launch pad.

• Next, imagine that you are out in orbit at the edge of space, like where the Space Station is, and look at yourself from that distance. If you are not a visual person no problem, just get the feeling of seeing yourself up there from space. Then, from there, you ask yourself:

“Is there any other thing that I have in my life that I can say thank you to?”

• Let it come to you and say thank you. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and others, right now!


Seduced by the Power of Love

In the height of the light from last week’s full moon, we found ourselves speaking to a crowd of five hundred enthusiastic people who had come from around the US and abroad to immerse themselves in a week-long workshop on Spirit and Consciousness. Organized by the Chopra Center, this biannual event has grown into a big, fantastic experience for nourishing the soul and waking up our deep connection with the abstract.

We were fortunate to be invited to present at this year’s event. It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful and broad-based gathering, together with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Martha Beck.

We taught participants a sequence of Being Energy® movements to wake up energy at the feet and trunk and bring it to the heart—a companion to a recapitulation experience. We framed the recapitulation as a means to become more aware of what we do and to recover energy trapped within the emotional experience of past events.

We shared some of the concepts of recapitulation as it relates to quantum physics principles and the current science of consciousness.

Deepak expressed how the recapitulation trains us to see that we are not the experience; we are the Consciousness that is having the experience.

To this, we added that the recapitulation is another way to bring us to the present and access stored energy, so that we can all live up to our full human potential. In the recapitulation, we go into the quantum realm and we time  travel with our minds to release and restore our energy and renew ourselves.

The recapitulation is about recapturing energy that we gave up in past interactions and bringing it to the present moment. In the recapitulation, we enter into the body and we reach into the realm of the non-local. We go back in time-space with our awareness and move our perceptual point about the past experience. Then, we bring that new perception back to the present moment and Here We Are… we’ve freed up our energy in this process. We’ve reformulated our perception of the meaning of a past event, and liberated the energy trapped in the feelings we carry from it.

To conclude our presentation, we all danced the energy movements to the tune of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On.

We had a blast, and shared some key things about an ancient practice applied to our modern times: the recapitulation.

We can’t wait to do it again!