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Private Session

Join a special coaching session to deeper into your individual processes and understanding of yourself. Meetings are meant for seasoned practitioners who have experience with recapitulation processes and are familiar with Being Energy teachings.


The purpose is to allow time to address your individual needs, tailoring a unique recapitulation process to help you resolve still pending issues and experience support.


Sessions begin right after our Path with Heart classes on Sundays and are intended for class participants only. Read below for more details.

In these meetings we will guide you to:

Identify unresolved issues

– Listen to your inner guidance

Name judgments and feelings

Expand your perception to your heart

Release misinterpretations

Accept and embrace mistakes and short-comings

Appreciate your efforts and who you are becoming

Strategize new habits to sustain high states consciousness and self-care

Each session is a sacred and safe space for you to listen to yourself as we listen to you from a loving and impersonal place. You can share where you get stuck, when you lose your center, what relationships are you struggling with, for which areas of your life you are seeking resolution, etc. This space is meant for deep healing and resolution of pending issues.


We believe you have all the inner resources necessary to effectively respond to your situations. We believe that through loving and compassionate listening, you can access the wisdom of your body and soul. We are creating the space for these processes to happen! 

The sessions are PRIVATE for one individual participant of Path with Heart clases only, and are 30 minutes in length. They take place on Sundays from 9:30 to 10:00 am Hawaii Time, right after class, on a different Zoom link. You can choose to register to one session, to three sessions or to all seven.

Any questions?

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