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Path with Heart - Three Series - Mastering Longevity

May 30 – February 27, 2022

Three Series on Mastering Longevity:

– Longevity for your Body

– Longevity for your Mind

– Longevity for your Spirit


Get all three series for $495​ ($90 dollars discount).


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Three Series on Mastering Longevity

This is our unique Mastering Longevity Series, where we dive into all the aspects of life, aging and fulfillment. Each segment focuses on an aspect of our self—our body, our mind and our spirit.


Longevity for your Body

May 30 – August 15

In these twelve classes, you learn to detoxify your systems, change your biological age and discover the spirit of your internal organs.


Longevity for your Mind

September 5 – November 21

A twelve week course to help you release fears about aging, stimulate mental vitality, and increase your neuroplasticity to stay young.


Longevity for your Spirit

December 12 – February 27, 2022

In these twelve classes you will learn to sustain states of deep calm and silence, to experience new alignment, and to cultivate states of awe.


We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


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