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Live Online Class – PWH XL

Longevity for your Mind

September 5 – November 21

In these classes, you will engage in twelve recapitulation exercises to create new neuropathways that foster neuroplasticity for repair and renewal.

Your brain reshapes by how you use it. By engaging it in learning new movements and creating positive habits, you can sustain health and a state of youth. 


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In these classes you will learn:

– The Code of the Seers sequence to revitalize your mind

– To suspend judgment to remain young

– To create new positive thoughts for mental vitality

– To take command of your feelings

– To release old blockages and patterns

– To update old beliefs about heath and aging

– To stay mentally young by challenging yourself

In each class you practice a specific unit of the Code of the Seers sequence to reorganize your mental flow and revamp your biology. Seers of ancient Mexico practiced this sequence to interrupt circular, repetitive thoughts and to promote new creative thoughts.


You will engage in developing focal attention and neuroplasticity, and learn to differentiate original thoughts from repetitive Inner dialogue and emotions from feelings. You will create a map to successfully disrupt routines, break the mind’s habituation and addictions, and promote the higher functions of your brain, all leading to a healthy, vital and young mind. 


We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


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