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Live Online Class – PWH XLI

Longevity for your Spirit

December 12 – February 27, 2022

In these classes, you practice exercises to lengthen the fascia and stimulate states of deep calm and concentration, called dreaming awake

“How is your Spirit today?” Carlos Castaneda used to ask us. To take the time to acknowledge and accept our spiritual dimension is essential for our health and longevity.


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In these classes you will learn:

– To observe your life from deep states of silence

– To practice exercises to enhance dreaming awake

– To experience new neuro-skeletal alignment

– To sustain states of deep calm and peace

– To rely on Spirit to release stress and aging

– To trust Spirit’s guidance for daily support

– To extend your Spirit across time

In each class you will be guided through a sequence of movements to open gates of dreaming through which Spirit can flow. This flow brings renewal and a sense of awe to our lives: the youth of the spirit. 


You will utilize meditation, gazing and other contemplative practices to slow down thought processing and access Spirit. Throughout the series, you keep a Spirit Log to frame to your unique relationship to Spirit, and to cultivate lightness, joy, awe and gratitude — the key ingredients to stay young at any age.


We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


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