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Live Online Class – PWH XLII

Engage your Body

March 13 – May 29

In these twelve classes we invite you to engage in movement, breathing, feeling and sensing. Through the practice of specialized movement and breath sequences, we aim to integrate your physical and energy body so you can experience presence and focus.


We guide you through mindful visualizations and active breathing to revive and lengthen your connective tissue, improve your balance and coordination, and flexibility and fluidity. This body state of full engagement is key to respond to life opportunities and challenges, and to foster personal renewal.


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In these classes you will practice:

  • Energy Passes to revitalize your muscle-skeletal system
  • Breathing techniques to release your fascia tissue
  • Tendon energy exercises to awaken energy flow
  • Guided visualizations to restore calm and focus
  • Energizing movements to infuse your intentions
  • Sequences of Meditation in movement
  • Exfoliation of skin to foster detoxification
  • Daily rituals to engage your physical and energy bodies

In each class, we address a different area or center of the body to renew and engage. We start by engaging the area of the feet and legs, the first chakra, learning about it, acknowledging it and reviving it. Each center of the body corresponds to a body organ. As we weekly move through different centers we learn how to increase the respective organ’s vitality or Spirit.

In this fashion, we will awaken and allow energy to circulate through all body areas and centers of vitality enhancing health and wellbeing. It is an incredible experience to practice this engagement with a worldwide group of like-minded individuals. Join us!



We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


To register for these advanced sessions or read more about it: