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Live Online Class – PWH XXXIX

Longevity for your Body

On Demand

In twelve classes, you learn and practice moves and breaths to wake up mitochondrial functions and your body’s energy powerhouses.


Detox and rejuvenate your organs through visualization, intention and specific nutritional guidance. Learn about your biological age and how to influence it.

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In these classes you will learn about:

– Practices to revitalize your muscle-skeletal system

– Guided visualizations to rejuvenate internal organs

– Nutritional guidance to detoxify and reset your body

– The secondary functions of the internal organs

– Tendon energy and how it flows through your body

– Exfoliation practices to rejuvenate your skin

– Researched anti-aging nutraceuticals

In each class, you learn to detoxify and rejuvenate one specific organ: the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, heart, lungs, small and large intestines, etc. You learn about the inherent intention and spirit of the organ and how it serves to the fulfillment of your mind-body and spirit.


You engage in breathing and cardiovascular exercises for the detoxification of the liver and pancreas, and to fortify your lungs and heart. You will be guided through imagery and visualizations for staying young and living longer. You will receive cutting-edge information about longevity and other knowledge systems.


We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


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