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Stop Anxiety. Gain Immunity

Available now on demand

Do you feel restless inside and you don’t even know why, like a sticky mood you can’t push off? Do you wish you could stop the anxieties and phobias? Would you like to teach others to restore calm and health?


Join this Training to create your own Tool Kit for Anxiety to support your inner peace, boost your immunity and shake off any Covid-19 phobias… A feeling of optimism is at your fingertips! The course includes a 30’ private coaching with Dr. Reid. Don’t miss it!



Your immune system has been compromised not only by the virus, but by the overwhelming media stress, the social distancing that triggers feelings of separation and depression and the uncertainty of a clear future. But there are solutions!

Anxiety recedes when the tone of our vagus nerve kicks in and the autonomic nervous system recalibrates. When your breath is fluid and you feel the chest can expand. When you feel your feet on the earth and your pre-frontal cortex can differentiate what is real from what is not. You are back home, to yourself, and then to your work and your family.  When we bring ourselves to this state, our immune system gets an uplift, a boost of resilience that endures.

Join me to

What are the benefits?

In this Coaching program you learn practical knowledge and tools on how to undo anxiety, to deliberately formulate your thoughts and images so they impact your body functions, and practice a new set of habits to experience restoration and equanimity, even in the midst of external upheaval, to immediately apply to yourself or learn for professional use.


It includes TEN UNITS towards your certification and a one-year renewal of your certification for those already certified.

What's included?

Five 2-hour Webinars; Five unique presentations with scientific research, Practical Tools Kits, exercises to stop anxiety, Five assignments to assist you embody your learning, videos and materials, support through a private group email of participants who have already taken the course or that they are taking the course now, and one-on-one 30’ Live coaching Session with Dr. Miles Reid.


The Five-Weeks Coaching Program is for both Men and Women who seek personal growth or who want to add skills to their professional practice. These are proven-effective tools to teach others and increase your practice and income!


Undo Anxiety

Learn about how your fear responses condition your biology and keep you locked in a mindset of contraction and hyper alertness. These over-reacting responses are programmed into your amygdala, your emotional brain, and keep your immune system down, and prisoner to a background state of unease, and stress. 

In this first webinar, learn to:


Visualize Calm

Learn how to reframe the conditions of your perception that lead to chronic fear. Dr. Miles Reid will share discoveries in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, from the prefrontal cortex to the limbic system, the hypothalamus, and onto the autonomic and stress responses. 

Dr. Reid will guide you to:


Tap Off Fear

Transform feelings of danger and thoughts of “I am not safe” to feelings of safety and confidence and affirmations “I am safe” “All is well”.  Tapping oneself ion specific areas of the body is a wonderful tool to restore your true mind in a few minutes. 

Dr. Reid will guide you to:


Boost Immunity

More than ever today, we need a strong immune system, resilient and powerful. Our immunity is a reflection of our longevity and of our relationship with the world. Health insecurity is at the core of a lot of our fears and anxieties today. But even if we are exposed to the coronavirus, our body can say NO to the infection. 

Dr. Reid will guide you to:


Be Peace

Your being wants to just BE himself or herself. You can practice a new set of habits to experience restoration and equanimity, even in the midst of external upheaval. In this webinar you will create a “Tool Kit for Anxiety” to support your inner peace, to use anytime. 

Your kit will include the following tools to practice daily:


Trusted by hundreds of students.

"Being Energy has transformed and continues to transform my life every day. I see everything that appears as if I were in another world seeing them appear for the first time, astonishing myself with the things that appear in my field of perception, in my life."

Erika Gavin Being Energy Student for 10 years

"I’ve been working with Miles and Aerin since Being Energy began in 2010. Doing these exercises and programs is helping me to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. ”

Peter Crockett Being Energy Student for 10 years

“I see the same people doing the same things as always, but now I don’t get caught in comparison, or in judgment. I simply see that life follows its natural flow”

Crisólogo Chavez Being Energy Student for 10 years

    Who is guiding these classes?

    Dr. Miles Reid  with lead this program, Western physician, Oriental Medicine doctor and shamanic healer, with special reference to recognized leaders in the areas of neurobiology, oriental thought and shamanism. 


    This is an ON DEMAND program, you can join this Teacher Training at any time. Once you purchase the training, you will have access to all materials and you will have 12 weeks to complete all assignments and receive your private session with Dr. Reid. Email us your questions, we are here to support you thrive!

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    Via Zoom


    All classes are recorded and available to you 24/7.


    THIS TRAINING OFFERS 10 UNITS TOWARDS CERTIFICATION on Being Energy® Teacher Training Module 3

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    Stop Anxiety. Gain Immunity

    Available now on demand

    Create your own Tool Kit for Anxiety to support your inner peace, boost your immunity and shake off any Covid-19 phobias.