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Sexual Energy – How can you nourish your body and mind with sexual energy?

Dear BE Community,

There is much taboo and ignorance on the topic of sex. We live in a world where prostitution and visual sexual stimulation as a lucrative global business market is in the top 3. Sex becomes a “visual” thing that doesn’t involve the totality of the self.

Sex, as a product for immediate pleasure and gratification, only leads to more depletion of energy. It may sound like “grandma” talking, but it is something you can verify for yourself.

Because of beliefs and traumas hidden in the physical body, some individuals are scared of physical contact, let alone sexual interaction.  We would like to start with ourselves first, by reviewing our ideas and our own taboos, to broaden our perception and consciousness on the topic of sex.

When you hear the word sex, what do you think?  What are your judgments about it?  We often respond in a way that describes instant gratification and satisfaction.  We want energy, and yet we use sexual energy without realizing that unconscious behavioral responses may ultimately deplete our vitality.

For those of us on a path of awareness sexual energy is access to life force that is meant for our spiritual evolutionary journey.

In the Nutrition class this month on Saturday, April 19, we will learn ways to nurture and nourish sexual energy and to reinforce and maintain a healthy balance of our sexual hormones.  We will learn practical ways to foster the shine in the eyes and a mood of curiosity and presence, indicators of strong sexual energy.

We will use a loofah scrub or glove in class to learn to move energy through the largest organ of the body, the skin.  We will learn how to bring energy up from areas of the sexual organs and bring it to the throat, the thyroid, where we lose a great deal of energy as we age.

Please join us!

In our first class on January 25 we presented a 21-day detox program that helps to eliminate toxins and revitalize your body.

In our second class of March 8 we focused on the many reasons for weight differences and fluctuations and how to find your ideal body weight.  If you missed these classes you can still subscribe to our Feed You Body & Soul Video Library to watch many past classes on demand.

Have a healthy and joyful week.