Teaching Children to Gather Energy

Dear Being Energy Community:

When academic Erika Gavin first found the books of Carlos Castaneda she began a journey taking her from Padua University in northern Italy to Tijuana on the US border, devoting her life to the investigation of the mysteries of ancient Mexico.

She first settled in Guanajuato, a colonial city in central Mexico, obtaining a Bachelors in Spanish Literature. She then worked at the University of Guanajuato as a Lecturer for more than twelve years, latterly winning a scholarship for a Master’s degree from the University of Perugia as an Italian teacher.

After meeting her husband Julio, a Math Professor and Taekwondo black belt, and having a son, Aimon, they moved to Tijuana on the USA/Mexico border where Julio took up a teaching post. Erika said, “I was so confident this change was a decision from my path with heart, urging me to experience myself as a mother, wife and instructor, to commit more with my life and my spirit.”

Erika, a qualified Yoga teacher, then began studying with Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander and is now also a fully qualified teacher of the three Modules of Being Energy®. “I was so amazed and excited about the change and openness with which Miles and Aerin were hosting the legacy of Carlos Castaneda. Thanks to Being Energy I feel more stable and have a clearer direction and purpose in my life. I feel I’m finally on the way back home, more aligned with myself and the different aspects of my life… closer to my heart.”

Erika teaches the Being Energy® Daily Awareness Classes live on the web, and three weekly classes together with a monthly Saturday workshop in Tijuana.

The Tijuana classes explore a different aspect of Being Energy movements and silence practices each month. Her next Saturday workshop will be on August the 23rd with the theme of recapitulation.

She has also begun classes for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 – 14. Says Erika, “We are helping them develop trust through drawing attention to their bodies, noticing how everything that happens to us has an impact on the body. We are practicing a series of exercises called Gathering Energy and they love it!”.

She summed up her commitment, “There is nothing more exciting for me than this exploration, this knowledge that comes with every movement of my body. Every time I remember my breathing in a situation where I’m stuck, or the silence surrounding me when I finish a practice, I watch and feel another Erika take charge, more fluid, present, loving, returning to the pleasure of being alive that children experience, the unconditional love for others. Thanks to the work I’m doing with Being Energy I am learning to give and share without wanting to change people, without expectations.”