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Healing Waters

December 6-12, 2024 – Big Island of Hawaii

Join this spirit-guided seven-day journey to sacred sites and power spots around the Big Island of Hawaii, where all five elements of nature converge and flow through cycles of death and rebirth to remind us that we are Spirit in a human journey of becoming.

“For a warrior the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable. A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvelous world, in this marvelous time.”

Carlos Castaneda

In this unique retreat we will experience the power of nature, to remind us of our own strength and connection to the large cosmos. We will dive in blue warm ocean water and swim with dolphins and green turtles, regulating our nervous system and experiencing deep relaxation. We will rejuvenate in fresh cold waters coming from Mauna Loa, the largest volcano in the world, soothe aches and allow new blood flow.We will bathe in waterfalls with rainbows overhead to remember the mystery and beauty of existence. 

Four billion years ago life originated in the ocean. Water is what cushions us inside the uterus and what sustains our life on the planet. Most of the human body is water: The cerebral spinal fluid, the liquid in our brain and spine that taste like ocean water, regulates homeostasis and our immune system. By restoring its rhythm, following the rhythms of nature, we reach high states of awareness and increase our lifespan.

Let the rain wash off stress and green jungle lush bless every cell in your mind to experience your mana within.

For the seers of ancient Mexico and don Juan lineage, the energy body—the organizing energy that is life itself—can be cultivated and enhanced by synchronizing the rhythms of our own body with the rhythms of nature. By tuning our energy to these rhythms, we can revitalize internal organs, align the muscle-skeletal system, and reach deep states of silence and wellbeing.

It is in our nature to flow in sync with the cycles of life, with trees, birds, animals, and with the celestial bodies….

Let the wind slow you down to Hawaiian speed and allow you to enter into a space of no-time where the silence of stars can be heard and touched. Come ready to unhook from worries so that you can experience connection and understanding, of  yourself and of others.

Seven-Day Journey Program

We will meet you at Kona airport in the Big Island of Hawaii and drive you to all sites, completing the journey at Kona airport.

The tuition includes room and board, transportation and the Being Energy® workshop.

What the tuition includes?

– Six nights accommodations (double occupancy – private rooms available at extra cost) 

– Healthy organic and local sourced breakfast and lunches  for the duration of the retreat

– Ground transportation from Kona airport to the lodging

– Transportation to all sites around the big island

– Transportation back to Kona airport

– Being Energy movement, breathing, recapitulation and dreaming sessions

*Tuition does not include flight tickets and entrances to national parks.

What the retreat includes?

The Retreat includes visits to:

– The stunning Hamakua coast with its ocean views

– Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve & Gardens

– The black sand beach

– Captain Cook snorkeling spot

– Hapuna and beach 69

– Cold water ponds

– Waterfalls along Hamakua coast

– Volcano National Parks

– Mauna Kea Observatories Visitor Center at 9,000 feet

– Kalapana lava flow area

– Hilo bay beaches and shopping centers

The retreat also includes seven days of Being Energy sessions with:

– Early morning Silence Meditations to welcome the day  

– Movement and Breathing practices: Energy Passes

 – Recapitulation Processes

– Dreaming practices 

– Cooking and sharing in group

– Nightime star gazing

Who is Guiding this Event?

Sessions will be conducted by 


The event begins on December 6 at 3:00 pm and ends on December 12 at 4:00 pm. For a detailed and daily schedule of the journey please email us at aerin@beingenergy.com

Contact and Registration

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Healing Waters

December 6 – 12, Big Island of Hawaii

Join this spirit-guided seven-day journey to power spots around the Big Island of Hawaii, where all five elements of nature converge and flow through cycles of death and rebirth.