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BE Vital

Revitalize through movements and mindful exercises to increase health and longevity

Find Your Path to Energy and Purpose

Being Energy is the place where you’ll find support through…


Gain flexibility and strength. Alleviate anxiety and chronic pain, gaining focus and inner peace.


Expand your professional potential. Teach others to revitalize and live an extraordinary life.

Video Libraries

On Demand, Vitality classes to invigorate your body, recapitulation and more.


Path with heart

Nine Weekly Live Online Classes.
New Series Begins June 23, 2024

In our weekly live online Sunday classes, we guide you to move, lengthen, and breathe your whole body. We present modern science and spiritual teachings to feed your mind and engage in deep thought.

We support you to revamp old habits and create new ones. Every class is unique, with participants from more than 26 countries.


Courageous Women

Women’s Coaching Program

For all Women: Here is your support! The space you need to unwind, focus and feel vibrant again. Join our coaching program and learn techniques to reset, calm down and show up to your loved ones centered, confident and strong.


Trusted by hundreds of students.

“The practice of daily BE movements supports me to eat and sleep well. I feel more connected to my body. I can free my mind from limitations and balance my mood and my emotions.”

Erika Gavin Literature Professor and Yoga Teacher
Being Energy Student for 10 years

“It so fun to practice the movements with my kids. They are learning about caring for their bodies and positive thinking at such a young age. I am their role model and feel so proud.”

Ariadna Vázquez Sansores Set Designer
Being Energy Student for 9 years

"Being Energy is helping me to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. I learned to develop muscles in all these areas and have made me stronger, fitter, and sharper.”

Peter Crockett Founder of Music For People
Being Energy Student for 11 years

“With BE moves I experience silence, calm and clarity. I am able to suspend judgment and stop comparing myself to others. I experience a feeling of constant awe for my family and my life.”

Crisólogo Chávez Agricultural Engineer
Being Energy Student for 8 years

Welcome to BE!

Being Energy means experiencing and embodying joy, openness, and expansion at the physical level while sustaining states of calm-alertness and focus in connection with ourselves and the world around us.

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