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Recapitulate + Regain Your Energy

Recapitulate past experiences and break through your story!


Update your thoughts and clear your mind!

This videolibrary contains 8  class recordings focused on the recapitulation technique to reclaim parts of yourself left behind in past interactions. Follow these practical exercises to learn to acknowledge and release stagnant feelings and judgements and create new understandings and views in alignment with your heart desires.

Reset your beliefs and carefully choose your thoughts: they will determine your experience.



Recapitulation is a process of self-discovery in which you restore your energy and alignment by actively releasing misinterpretations and judgements and creating new understandings. Each class includes practices of silence and focused breathing as well as specific themes to recapitulate.

Classes include a variety of topics such as recapitulating challenging and significant life experiences, unresolved emotional issues, sexual interactions, moments of gratitude, the relationship to money, dreams, grief and experiences of death. Recordings are from 15 to 45 minutes in length and introduce new ways to observe and reflect on past experiences.

What are the benefits?

Practice these exercises to:

Each Class Includes

– A step-by-step guided recapitulation process


– Informative and insightful information


– Guided self-discovery exercise to nurture your inner life


– New views on topics to trigger new understandings


Trusted by hundreds of students.

"The BE recapitulation classes have brought me confidence and support to plan strategies, write actions down, step forward to new daily actions. I am changing my life and creating my dream step by step, and I will not stop! Thank you!"

Veronica Pena School Teacher, Chef

"The movements of the BE vitality classes have helped me to mitigate the stress of daily life and to be more present at work and with my family. I feel younger and more vital, and I am very thankful!"

Crisologo Chavez Agricultural Engineer

"The Being Energy movements bring me sobriety and balance. I am more emotionally grounded, I am much more creative. I have new solutions for would-be problems. I have more strength and energy, and better health.”

Pilar Soro School Teacher

Who is guiding these classes?

Classes are conducted by Being Energy® creator, Aerin Alexander


The classes are guided in English.

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Recapitulate + Regain Your Energy

Practice this ancient technique to regain energy left behind in past interactions and get unstuck. Gather your energy to create new perceptions about yourself and others, set new strategies and reclaim your thirst for life!


Class sample videos to watch, follow and enjoy

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