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Move and Wake up!

Our practices guide you to release chronic restrictions and to experience calm and freedom through movement.

What is Being Energy?

Being Energy is the essential energy of our being, the invisible force that makes us alive.



Being Energy inspires you to experience yourself as a being of energy, living in an ever-changing world, learning to increase your awareness through your life experiences.  



To cultivate your essential Energy, we invite you to learn about BE three pillars.

Being Energy Three Pillars are:

Energy Passes

Physical and breath sequences aimed to enhance the awareness of yourself and how you relate to space and gravity, that supports the release of fascia, increase joint mobility, strength bones and muscles, revitalize internal organs, and calm the mind.

Recapitulation Exercises

Processes that foster memory reconsolidation and neurological restoration by reframing past experiences and giving them new empowering meaning.

Food for Body and Soul

Cutting edge information on health and practical recommendations on food, to keep your sugar balanced, to lower inflammation and sustain high energy levels through the entire day.

Founded in 2010, Being Energy’s Programs have supported thousands of individuals worldwide to get healthier and reach their goals.


Being Energy® is inspired in Aerin Alexander‘s experiences from training directly under the tutelage of Dr. Carlos Castaneda. The teachings have been orally handed down through a lineage of shamanism from Mexico dated 10,000 years old.


In the last 14 years, Being Energy has developed into a system of learning about oneself to creating new inspiring ways of relating and being. Like all knowledge, Being Energy continues to evolve to respond to the times in which we live.


Being Energy practices aim to become self-directed and self-regulate our response to the world. The goal is to develop the awareness needed to contribute to the betterment of our communities and the planet. To elegantly give back to the mystery of life the gift that was given to us, the gift of awareness

Aerin Alexander

Aerin has been directing and teaching programs for Being Energy since 2010. She encourages leaders to successfully build their own practices to continue share the knowledge she received direclty from Carlos Castaneda.

Aerin is a somatic educator and coach, and an international workshop leader. With a global perspective, Aerin embraces the connection between science and spirituality and offers over 35 years of experience in the field of somatic education and personal growth.

Her teaching approach is based on transparency and humility, creating a safe environment for students to open-up and dive into the loving and healing spaces within themselves.

Aerin works with clients individually and supports them in regaining energy, vitality, and calm. She assists her clients in healing chronic pain, overcoming traumatic experiences, and gaining the emotional and mental clarity to build self-confidence.

Aerin holds a Masters in Exercise Physiology, a second Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and Certifications in the Feldenkrais® Method and Gyrotonic® System.

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Worldwide Teachers

Being Energy has expanded into a worldwide community of Being Energy® Certified Teachers. Our teachers come from all around the world representing different teaching styles, body types, cultures and languages, and shared enthusiasm for health and for personal growth.

Anastasiya Ganich, Moscow, Russia

11 years BE Teacher

Ariana Sky Walker, USA

4 years BE Teacher

Artur Sharygin, Moscow, Russia

4 years BE Teacher

Barbara Primatesta, Verbania, Italy

2 year BE Teacher

Beth Hartley, Alaska, US

10 years BE Teacher

Chris Osgood, Lincolnville, Maine US

9 years BE Teacher

Claudio Aguirre, Santiago de Chile

7 years BE Teacher

Diana Badilla, San José, Costa Rica

6 years BE Teacher

Eliska Svodobodá, Slovakia

4 years BE Teacher

Fer Palacios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Module 2 and 3

Lirio Díaz, Jalapa, Mexico

11 years BE Teacher

Luis Alonso, San Jose de Costa Rica

6 years BE Teacher

Marise A Ribeiro Toschi, Sao Paulo, Brazil

10 years BE Teacher

Olivier Azzola, Paris, France

2 years BE Teacher

Patricia Aguirre, Bahia, Brazil

11 years BE Teacher

Pilar Soro, Barcelona, Spain

11 years BE Teacher

Roland Koeck, Enzenreith, Austria

10 years BE Teacher

Ross Murray, United Kingdom

3 years BE Teacher

Samuele Pasqualotto Cebba, Florida, US

11 years BE Teacher

Sergei Minin, Kirov, Russia

6 years BE Teacher

Tom Reavley, Guanajuato, Mexico

11 years BE Teacher

Valeria Michel, Brasilia, Brazil

6 years BE Teacher

Vanesa Saul, Buenos Aires, Argentina

9 years BE Teacher

Verónica Gonzalez Pena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1 year BE Teacher

Yema Del Mar, Costa Rica, USA

1 year BE Teacher