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United in Vitality

Daily exercises to Revitalize and wake up!

Awaken and invigorate your body anywhere, anytime! We’re delighted to be able to share these live recordings of our Vitality Classes. Choose from a variety of classes to watch whenever you want to move and shake off unwanted stagnation, or whenever you need to center, breathe deeply, boost your energy and calm down.



Gain access to over eighty Daily Movement Classes!

Each class video is 30 to 45 minutes long and guides you through a wide range of movements, standing, in a chair and on the mat, for cardio activation, strengthening, flexibility and self-awareness benefits at your fingertips!

The library is divided into five sections with classes that boost your vitality and support your overall health. We present a variety of movement sequences, practiced standing, sitting or lying down. Classes are guided by Being Energy Founders Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid.

What are the benefits?

Practice these exercises to:


1. Wake Me Up! Gathering Energy

This section contains videos of movements that engage all the joints and muscles in your body while focusing your mind, utilizing a specific sequence of movements with music.


Strengthening, lengthening, cardio, focal attention, body awareness.

2. Shift my mood! The Code

This section contains exercises practiced on the mat that engage your core and stimulate states of inner silence, promote kinesthetic awareness and endurance. The Code of the Seers is included!


Strengthening, coordination, core toning, memory, silent awareness

3. Heal deeply! The Body Fascia

Restoration exercises for stretching and releasing unwanted stress and reconnecting to your heart. The series include “Glistening in Dreaming”, “Yolillia”, “Quetzalcoatl”, etc.


Fascia lengthening, breath rehabilitation, sensory and stress modulation.

4. Feel like a Warrior! The Five Keys

Each key is a sequence of movements that embody an attribute of warriors such as Purpose, Confidence, Reciprocity, Affection and Awareness of Death.


Strengthening, lengthening, focal attention, body awareness, inner silence.

5. Know myself! The Recapitulation.

These classes guide you through the technique of Recapitulation, a process of self-discovery in which you heal your emotions through an active release of misinterpretations. Each class includes movements and a specific theme to recapitulate.

Each Class Includes

– Movement, breath and mindfulness practices standing, sitting or lying


– Informative and insightful information together with the movements


-Guided self-awareness exercises


-Tips for improving your health


Trusted by hundreds of students.

"The BE recapitulation classes have brought me confidence and support to plan strategies, write actions down, step forward to new daily actions. I am changing my life and creating my dream step by step, and I will not stop! Thank you!"

Veronica Pena School Teacher, Chef

"The movements of the BE vitality classes have helped me to mitigate the stress of daily life and to be more present at work and with my family. I feel younger and more vital, and I am very thankful!"

Crisologo Chavez Agricultural Engineer

"The Being Energy movements bring me sobriety and balance. I am more emotionally grounded, I am much more creative. I have new solutions for would-be problems. I have more strength and energy, and better health.”

Pilar Soro School Teacher

    Who are guiding these classes?

    Classes are conducted by Being Energy® founders, Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander.


    The classes are guided in English.

    Still have questions?

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    United in Vitality

    Be guided in the classes through a wide range of movements, standing, in a chair and on the mat, for cardio activation, strengthening, flexibility and self-awareness!

    Class sample videos to watch, follow and enjoy