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Women’s Coaching Training – ON DEMAND

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Transform Fear into Vitality

Available now on demand

Are you feeling overwhelmed from daily demands? Exhausted from multitasking? And running on empty with no time to care for yourself?

Join these classes to receive support. We offer the space you need to move and breathe back your attention to your body and to your needs. You will gather energy to revitalize your body and revamp your mind, connecting to your core and your inner calm. The training includes a private coaching session with Aerin Alexander. Don’t miss it!


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Your body is the channel through which you experience life and love in this planet. If you give your body what it needs, you can experience vibrancy and health and can sustain high energy levels during the day. I invite you to listen to your body’s needs, to care for it, accept its imperfections and to love your body unconditionally.

Courageous Women is about being bold enough to take pauses during the day, to acknowledge your needs and ask for help, and to set a regular practice to nurture and support yourself. 


This course is not about self-improving and adding another class to your long to do’s list. It is about getting unstacked and connecting to the source of power inside you. In this course you will experience vitality and joy through movements, and calm and silence when practicing conscious breathing. Come up in your feet sister, the world wants to see you shine, and I am here to support you to revitalize! 

Join me to

What are the benefits?

– Increased energy levels with the practice of movements

– Increased flexibility, coordination and stamina

– Experiencing relaxation and a positive feeling about you

– Centerness, calmer and at ease

– Knowing about your womb as a center of – perception

– Cultivating a positive relationship with your body

– Tools to immediately apply to yourself or to your clients

What's included?

– Five Weeks Coaching Program includes five two-hours live webinars;


– A 45’ live coaching session with Aerin Alexander;


– Powerpoint presentations for each webinar in PDF format;


– Weekly assignments to support and inspire your learning;


– 24 hours access to class recordings and videos;


– Daily support through email for the five weeks of the course;


TEN UNITS towards your certification;


– A one-year renewal of your certification for those already certified.


Trusted by hundreds of students.

“These women’s classes helped me to accept and love my body as it is, and to stop judging in. I love practicing the movements and the information shared it is so inspiring. It changed the way I see my body and myself. I super recommend it.”

Jessie Daniels Being Energy Teacher for 6 years

“Aerin helped me to recover my connection to my body. She guided me to experience my feet on the ground and the support from the earth all the way up through my spine, and to uncover the power of my hips! I feel revitalized and young again.”

Ari Vasquez Sansores Being Energy Student for 9 years

“Every session with Aerin is magical. She has the power to go directly to the depths of your soul, and from there guide you so that you can heal from the root, the challenges that you are going through. I am so grateful.”

Vanesa Saul Being Energy Student for 18 years

Who is guiding this training?

Being Energy® founder, Aerin Alexander leads this coaching program.


Aerin is a mother of a wonderful teenager, and a coach and somatic therapist. She holds two Masters in Science and in Spiritual Psychology, and has more than 30 years teaching awareness through movements and somatic education.

Read more about Aerin on her website


This is an ON DEMAND program, you can join this Teacher Training at any time. Once you purchase the training, you will have access to all materials and you will have 12 weeks to complete all assignments and receive your private session with Being Energy founder, Aerin Alexander. Email us your questions, we are here to support you thrive!

Extra info

Via Zoom


All classes are recorded and available to you 24/7.



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Courageous Women – Transform Fear into Vitality

Available now on demand

Revitalize your body and revamp your mind, connecting to your core and your inner calm.  

$450.00Add to cart