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Live Online Class – PWH cycle 52

Blooming into Transitory Existence

 June 23 – August 18, 2024. Sundays 10:00 am Pacific Time.

“Blooming into transitory existence” is a phrase Florinda Donner-Grau used to describe the unfolding nature of our impermanence as human beings. She said that to experience ourselves as ‘blooming into existence’ we need to learn the Art of Dreaming: a set of practices to expand self-knowledge and to shift the identification of the self from the material world to the abstract, to unify with the dreaming body or the nagual.

Traditions in Mesoamerica describe the nagual as the Spirit itself, manifested in people’s heart as a personal guardian, or a power animal, like the jaguar. The nagual is the protector of the sacred and the magical essence of existence.


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Schedule. Nine Classes.

All classes take place on Sundays from June 23 to August 18 at 10:00 am Pacific Time.


All classes are recorded and available for one year after date of purchase.


Themes and Content:

  • Class 1: June 23. Steps to Dreaming
  • Class 2: June 30. The First Gate of Dreaming. Find your HEART.
  • Class 3: July 7. Fear as an enemy. Fear as an ally.
  • Class 4: July 14. The Second Gate of Dreaming.
  • Class 5: July 21. Power as an enemy. Power as an ally.
  • Class 6: July 28. The Third Gate of Dreaming
  • Class 7: August 4. Clarity as an enemy. Clarity as an ally.
  • Class 8: August 11. The Fourth Gate of Dreaming.
  • Class 9: August 18. The Dreaming body: Blooming into Existence

In these nine classes we will engage in breathing and movement practices of energy passes called “not-doings” to unify body, mind and spirit and to experience ourselves as ONE, breaking through the illusion of separation and isolation. We will learn about and identify our own naguals that have been guiding our journey. We will entice the dreaming attention to break through the crust of personal fixations and addictions and shift the assemblage point to align with all levels of existence: Earth, the Sky and the Underworld, so that we can bloom and rebirth into transitory existences.

Each of these nine classes presents and develops a different theme inviting practitioners to overcome the auto-pilot of self-reflection and, as Florida Donner-Grau defined us, to experience ourselves as breathtaking events, that bloom into transitory existence once and are never to be repeated again.

We offer tuition discount and scholarships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL info@beingenergy.com. Please include a brief statement of what inspires you to participate in these classes of Path with Heart, your commitment to be present in most of the live classes and a brief description of your expectations and goals. We look forward to assist you!


"You are dreaming all the time," Carlos Castaneda told his apprentices. " Your energy body - your dreaming body - is active, perceiving, exploring worlds upon worlds, of which we are little aware. The door to this awareness is inner silence."


We offer PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS of 30 minutes after every class, to address and process individual needs and deepen knowledge and understanding of the themes presented in class. Registration to this private session is separate from the registration to the general group class.


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