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TEACHER TRAINING MODULE 3 – Available on Demand

Revitlize Your Spirit

Breathing the Energy of Life

Restore deep Sleep to increase Immunity and Longevity

In this nine-week Teacher Training Program you regain your confidence in life by reconnecting with the flow of things, with forces of Spirit that sustain your daring and purpose. 


The program focuses on repairing neuropathways to reestablish homeostasis and balance. Deep silence, prolong states of calm alertness and “dreaming awake” are part of the practices that support deep sleep and longevity.


The Teacher Training also includes a private coaching session with Aerin Alexander. Don’t miss it!


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For nine-weeks we practice energy passes and mindfulness exercises to connect to your inner life, and unrecognized potential. The slow-paced movements and guided breath sequences allow you to release fears and chronic contractions and shift your perception to states of heightened awareness. This allows you to detach from cravings and illusions and to reestablish connection to your energetic essence, what Carlos Castaneda called your left body awareness.

Connect. Align. Receive.

The systematic shifting of your attention from the outside to your internal processes improves self-regulation and establishes internal authority. It offers a clear vision of your true dreams and desires and positions you in a sacred inner place from where you can respond to the demands of the world without losing or betraying yourself.

Regaining inner authority and vitality, increases your immunity, health, and longevity. This process of transformation and becoming is framed in the Mesoamerican myth of the Feathered Serpent: experiencing integrity as a being from the earth and also as a being from the sky. We are pure energy experiencing a temporary physical form on earth. And we are something else that we must discover. In moments of stillness and serenity, something within us and beyond us offers guidance. The invitation is to listen to it and to follow it. 

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What are the benefits?

  • Increased respiratory inhalation and exhalation
  • Increased functionality of bodily functions
  • More pliable and flexible younger body
  • More available energy in your daily life
  • Balanced emotions and calmer mood
  • Deeper connection with yourself and with your heart as a center of vitality
  • Having access to broader views of everyday things 
  • Sustaining a feeling of connection and belonging to life 
  • Experiencing your connection with the events and astral forces around you
  • Welcoming the process of falling asleep and accessing Dreaming 
  • Being aware of the processes of life, death and rebirth

What's included?

  • Nine webinars recordings
  • Each 90-minute webinar includes: Energy Passes, guided imagery, breathing and dreaming exercises
  • Recordings of class reviews 
  • Short videos with the energy passes sequences
  • A 30-minute private coaching session with Aerin Alexander
  • Weekly assignments to support and inspire your daily practice
  • 24 hours access to class recordings and materials
  • 15 UNITS towards your certification. A total of 20 units are required for certification in this module 3. We offer other courses, click here.
  • A one-year renewal of your certification for those already certified on Module 3
  • 40% discount for Being Energy Teachers already certified on Module 3


Trusted by hundreds of students.

“These women’s classes helped me to accept and love my body as it is, and to stop judging in. I love practicing the movements and the information shared it is so inspiring. It changed the way I see my body and myself. I super recommend it.”

Jessie Daniels Being Energy Teacher for 6 years

“Aerin helped me to recover my connection to my body. She guided me to experience my feet on the ground and the support from the earth all the way up through my spine, and to uncover the power of my hips! I feel revitalized and young again.”

Ari Vasquez Sansores Being Energy Student for 9 years

“Every session with Aerin is magical. She has the power to go directly to the depths of your soul, and from there guide you so that you can heal from the root, the challenges that you are going through. I am so grateful.”

Vanesa Saul Being Energy Student for 18 years

Who is guiding this training?

Being Energy® founder, Aerin Alexander leads this coaching program. Special guests will guide presentations at different times. 


Aerin is a dancer, a writer, and a somatic therapist. She holds a Masters of Science, and a second Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and has more than 30 years teaching somatic education and awareness through movement. She has been trained directly by Carlos Castaneda in shamanistic practices to revive the body and awaken the energy flow within. 

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Available on Demand

You will receive access to all nine webinars, assignments and presentations, plus short videos with the energy passes sequences and details of practice. 

Contact aerin@beingenergy.com to schedule your private coaching session after registration. 

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All classes are available to you at your Being Energy account 24/7 for three years from the date of purchase.





Revitalize Your Spirit – Breathing the Energy of Life

Available on Demand – Take this Course

Restore deep Sleep to increase Immunity and Longevity

$595.00Add to cart