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Live Online Class + Teacher Training

Exhale. Unwind.

August 1 -September  12 – Weekly on Tuesdays

Join these seven-classes to experience ease and joy through effortless breathing sequences that lengthen the connective tissue around muscles and internal organs.

Organize your skeletal system to walk, move and breathe being supported by ground forces.

Practice being in movement, releasing limiting patterns and chronic pain, increasing proprioception and awareness, and changing the experience of your age. 


Breath is the source of consciousness. Different ways of breathing produces the release of different neurotransmitters, hormones, and neurological responses. A shift in the way you breathe awakens you in the morning and brings you to dreaming states at night. As you inhale you welcome good news, and you hold your breath when in fear and under stress. Improving the way you breathe through awareness and focal attention, improves your overall health and quality of life. Learn to Inhibit old patterns and restrictions and allow your body to breathe freely. Breathe energy, breathe Life!

Restore the Essence of your Being through Breath

Exhale. Unwind. can be taken as: 

  • as a breathing class open to all 
  • Or as a Teacher Training course
  • It offers 5 units towards the Module 3
  • Ideally for teachers in need to meet certification requirements

Extra goodies when taking as a Teacher Training!

  • You get extra 30 minutes per class
  • You get personalized attention
  • You explore breathing and awareness in depth
  • You learn to observe breathing patterns in yourself and others
  • You participate in sharing and discussion

Join this Training to:

What are the benefits?

  • Gain awareness of how you breathe, and how you can improve it
  • Increase your connection and understanding of your breath
  • Increase respiratory capacity and general mobility
  • Experiencing inner calm
  • Replacing inner chat with pleasure sensations
  • More pliable and flexible younger body
  • More available energy in your daily life
  • Balanced emotions 
  • Deeper connection with yourself 
  • Sustaining a feeling of connection and belonging to life

What's included?

  • Seven Webinars recordings available for three years from the date of registration
  • Another extra seven webinars for those registered in the Teacher Training section.
  • Each class includes 60 minutes of moving and breathing, uninterrupted!
  • 24 hours access to class recordings and materials
  • 5 UNITS towards your certification. A total of 20 units are required for certification in this module 3. We offer other courses, click here.

Who is guiding this training?

Being Energy® director Aerin Alexander leads this Training program.

Aerin is a Kinesiologist, somatic education, dancer, and a writer. She holds a Masters of Science, and a second Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and has more than 30 years teaching somatic education and awareness through movement. She has been trained directly by Carlos Castaneda in shamanistic practices to revive the body and awaken the energy flow within. 

Read more about Aerin at


All Classes take place on Tuesdays from August 1 to September 12 at 11:30 am Pacific Time


Webinar 1 – Tuesday August 1 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 2 – Tuesday August 8 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 3 – Tuesday August 15 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 4 – Tuesday August 22 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 5 – Tuesday August 29 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 6 – Tuesday September 5 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Webinar 7 – Tuesday September 12 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

Still have questions?

Contact us at

Extra info

All classes are available to you at your Being Energy account 24/7 for three years from the date of purchase.



Exhale. Unwind.

August 1 – September 12

Revitalize through gentle breath and move sequences.

expand your posture and ability to breathe with ease and joy.