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Terms and Conditions for Participation


The participant and student of Being Energy® acknowledges that the study and practice of movement and breath sequences and exercises taught in Being Energy® classes, workshops, trainings and events are physical activities that involve the risk of injury. The undersigned declares that participation in all activities is free and spontaneous and that the undersigned is physically and psychologically fit to participate in them.


For this the undersigned student waives, releases and discharges Being Energy®, Aerin Alexander, officers, independent contractors and assigns, including, without limitation, the faculty and coorganizers, (hereinafter collectively referred to as Being Energy®,) from any claims, demands, action, loss, liability, damages, claims, debts or grounds for legal action, as provided by law or other regulations, that the undersigned has or may have against, from or related to participation or studies in workshops, classes, trainings and/or practice of the movements of Being Energy®. 


The undersigned acknowledges that he or she has been informed that the exercises, information, practices of silence, visualizations techniques, suggestions, nutritional advice, movements and practices of Being Energy®, do not constitute medical treatment and are not given in replacement of valid diagnostic, therapeutic, or traditional medical interventions. He, she or they also acknowledges that participation in any of its activities does not guarantee the attainment of any objective and solution to any specific problem. 


In relation to the materials, content and information provided during workshops, trainings and classes, including online classes and previously recorded class presentations, the undersigned student understands that those materials and information are given for the participating students only and agrees to not share that information with third parties and individuals not participating in the classes. The undersigned also understands that online classes and workshops are recorded and that their image and voice may appear in the footage of those videos, which will be used for educational and commercial purposes. The undersigned consents to this incidental use of his image and voice. 


Participation: Being Energy® and its owner have the right to refuse the participation of people who have already registered for events to protect their students, the content of the classes and the integrity of their business. For example, people who use the Being Energy® platform and classes to promote their own or others’ businesses, or people who violate any of the above requirements, including live participation in at least 50% of the online classes and workshops will be removed from Being Energy® classes and events and the amount and tuition previously paid will not be returned. The undersigned agrees to participate in the live online classes at least 50% of the time, that is, if the class cycle includes 10 classes, the participant must be present and participating in 5 of the live classes. 


Cancellations: it is our policy to keep a $50 non-refundable deposit after signing up, registering and paying for any of Being Energy® classes, online classes, training and events. There is a non-refundable $150 deposit for all workshops, retreats or other live events.


Privacy Notice: The undersigned agrees to the processing of personal data by Being Energy® for organizational, accounting and ordinary business purposes in accordance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2510—-22. This information is considered confidential. The undersigned hereby expressly allows the processing of personal data for the above uses. The undersigned understands and hereby agrees that this disclaimer and consent is a condition to participate in this seminar and classes.