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Live Online Class – PWH XLVI

Flow with Water

March 12 – May 28

For shamans, the Water element represents the origin and potentiality of existence. It precedes and sustains every creation and form of life.


Water nourishes, purifies, gives birth, revives and cleanses. It is the symbol of emotions and feelings, and a medium for traveling and dreaming. Water embodies a process of transmutation, as water can change form from solid, to liquid, to gas. It signifies an evolutionary journey from ‘ego-based’ self to ‘love-based’ self.


In water we can dissolve limitations and generate new forms. In water we swim and release daily stress. Through tears, our heart expresses its tenderness and joy. Water teaches us to flow and move with life.


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In these classes you will practice:

  • Energy passes to increase balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Tendon energy exercises to boost stamina and vitality
  • Breathing techniques to expand breathing capacity and create a mood of flow
  • Grounding exercises to align to earth as you experiences emotions
  • Acupressure points to increase energy flow at the joints
  • Exfoliation exercises to shed off the old skin, literally
  • Self-massage sequences to foster sensory perception
  • Guided visualizations to restore calm and concentration
  • Recapitulation exercises to create ease and flow around past interactions

You will be guided to:

  • Set a daily practice of cleansing and purification
  • Participate in Shamanistic Rituals and Water Ceremonies to connect to the sacred

In these twelve weekly classes we will learn about Water as medicine to heal your body and allow your emotions to be. Water is the protector of the body: It regulates the body temperature, protects internal organs and tissues and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. What needs protection in you? What area of your life is too dry? What needs flow in you?


Water can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essential nature. What obstacles are you facing in your life? Would you allow water to dissolve them? Water, in time, can dissolve gold and even the hardest mountains.


Water moves in rhythms and patterns, like the tides and flow of oceans and rivers. It invites us to see the ebb and flow of emotions and trust ourselves to surf the waves of feelings and free our perception.


In each class, we will practice movements and breathing exercises to align the body and connect to the energy flow within. We will practice Recapitulation exercises focusing on experiences of stagnation in order to release them and Dreaming exercises to allow your creativity to emerge and flow. 

We offer work exchange and scholarships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL tom@beingenegry.com. Please include a brief statement of why you want to participate in these classes and why you need a scholarship or exchange.


We are adding a PRIVATE COACHING SESSION of 30 minutes after every class, to address and process individual needs and deepen knowledge and awareness. Registration to this private session is separate from the registration to the general group class.


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