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Live Online Class – PWH XLVII

Listen to the Wind

June 4 – August 20

For shamans, the wind represents air, the final element of a shamanistic journey. Air rules communication and provides a connection with higher thinking, song and inspiration.


The Wind as medicine invites us to change, to pursue change and to create change. In this process we awaken hidden resources and allow new ways of being. We improvise, trying new ways of doing daily tasks and new ways of thinking about ourselves and others. By allowing expansion, we gain greater clarity and can make new choices. The shift we are calling for is for the highest good for all.


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In these classes you will practice:

  • Energy passes to increase balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Tendon energy exercises to boost stamina and vitality
  • Breathing techniques to expand breathing capacity and promote change
  • Grounding exercises to align to earth as you venture into new realms
  • Acupressure points to increase energy flow at the joints
  • Exfoliation exercises to shed off the old skin, literally
  • Self-massage sequences to foster sensory perception
  • Guided visualizations to restore calm and concentration
  • Recapitulation exercises to expand your imagination

You will be guided to: 

  • Set a daily practice to touch beauty, art and wonder
  • Participate in Shamanistic Rituals and Wind Ceremonies to connect to the sacred

In these twelve weekly classes you will learn to listen to the four Winds and four Directions described by the Seers:

  • East is the morning breeze. It carries clarity and hope. It comes and goes and gets into everything. It is sleek and shifty.
  • North is the hard wind, a midday wind. Blasting full of energy but also full of blindness. It is energetic and commandeering.
  • West is the cold wind of the A wind that would never leave you in peace. It is moody, melancholic and pensive.
  • South is the hot wind. It warms and protects and envelops everything. It is happy, free, and bouncy.


By listening to the winds, we expand our ability to be and accept other ways of being. We become more flexible, youthful and playful. We can move beyond our fixations, particular moods, and routines. We are ready to listen to the voice of life and to communicate with the dreamt realms for insight and higher awareness. Air is the very breath we breathe. It is essential to our life force. And it is essential to our capacity to be aware. Life and awareness are one and the same.



In each class, we will practice movements and breathing exercises to align the body and connect to the energy flow within. We will practice Recapitulation exercises following a particular direction and wind. Wind is the final element of the shamanistic journey: once the communication with higher forces is established, the practitioner brings those messages to humanity, for the highest good of all.

We offer work exchange and scholarships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL tom@beingenegry.com. Please include a brief statement of why you want to participate in these classes and why you need a scholarship or exchange.


We are adding a PRIVATE COACHING SESSION of 30 minutes after every class, to address and process individual needs and deepen knowledge and awareness. Registration to this private session is separate from the registration to the general group class.


To register and for more information: