Community Events

“A Crispy Click”


We just came back from a very profound experience in Moscow. This was our third workshop and training in Moscow, in the same martial arts studio. Each participant came with different  personal intents, in search of wellbeing, silence, answers to questions, in search of uplifting, inner calm and confidence.

Two hours into the workshop and the room was filled with light exuding enthusiasm, openness and hope. We practiced three series of long sequences of movements that allows us to find our own pulsation, our core vibration.  We sat for long minutes to listen to ourselves and find our treasured golden light. Eyes were beaming as we kept calling and honing dreaming attention, finding focusing in our dreams, what do I want, what I am here for, what my priorities are.

And by Sunday the sun came, warming up not only the room but inside and outside our souls. Or hearts opened, we vibrated with each click of the sticks we used with the movements. We found out that each moment of our lives is a click. We can click heavily and opaque, or we can click a crispy sound, we have a choice. This is what our life can be, “a Crispy Click”.

Everyone took home sequences of movements to renew their body and soul and techniques to redirect their attention and align their daily life priorities.

We received so much love and awareness from this event. Thank you all of you that made it possible,.Love,
Being Energy