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Fluidity of Perception: Find Purpose, Daring and Joy

Dear Being Energy Community:

What do we mean by being in Flow?  Think of how you feel when you exhale deeply.  Try it.  In that moment of letting go, of release, we acquiesce to something outside of us and to something within us.

Carlos Castaneda described how the Mesoamerican shamans understood the universe as energy and that his apprenticeship was designed to guide him to see energy as it flows.  The ancient shamans saw that there is an energetic flow to all things and all processes in our world and in the universe at large.  As humans, we are expressions of that energy and are deeply connected to that flow.

Just as the universe is expanding and growing, we too expand our awareness and become open to new possibilities.  We are beings of energy that flow in and with the universe, in a deeply personal connection that exists within us and outside of us.

When does energy stop flowing for us?  How are we stopping the flow and inhibiting our perception?  How are we keeping ourselves from remembering our connection?

Anger and resentment are two forces that stop energy in its tracks.  Energy stops flowing and we retreat.  It closes the heart and we get depressed.  Over time, holding feelings of anger and resentment seep into our subconscious and may settle as physical illness or disease, or even affect us on a cellular level.  Stopping the flow of energy in this manner uses more energy and we age more rapidly, losing vitality.

If there is anything we should be afraid of, it is our own resentment and grudges.  This week we want to invite you to try an exercise of letting go, of tapping into your own healing processes.  Find a quiet spot and take 5 minutes to:

  1. Check in with yourself, e.g., where is your body tight or holding tension?
  2. Acknowledge the negative thoughts you have.
  3. Give yourself what you wanted from someone else, e.g., affection, attention, acceptance, recognition/appreciation.

These simple steps will release energy and guide us toward a state of flow, where we are vulnerable, with open heart and open mind. Allowing the energy to flow, we allow our breath to flow easier and we exhale more fully.

Thank you for practicing with us.  Let us know how you feel!

Join us for more in depth practices for being in FLOW in our new Path With Heart Series XIV, Flow – The Art of Moving the Assemblage Point.  You will learn new ways to apply the knowledge of the ancient shamans of Mesoamerica and boost your physical stamina and increase your energy levels.  Learn tools that will help your body-mind to thrive and enliven your full potential.