A Dialogue of Celebration and Connection

Dear Being Energy Community,

Our hearts fill with joy when the Being Energy community inspires us through their creative activities and group explorations of awareness. This coming weekend there are two communities of practitioners and friends who will be following a heart centered path to practice Being Energy® movements and meditations. They are cool and inspiring people and they offer life-changing experiences!

One of the groups is hosting a practitioner event in Arvillard, France, while the other group will be joining a sustainability festival called Fala Sampa in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These two groups will be sharing their practices locally, and will also join their intent across continents to acknowledge a deeply shared connection and support for each other and the earth.

The event at Karma Ling Institute, a Buddhist center, situated in a breathtaking forest at an altitude of 800 meters (2,625 feet) in France, near the Swiss border, began as a collaborative endeavor among practitioners of Carlos Castaneda’s teachings. Their co-creative intent has been nurtured every year for the past ten years and has always resulted in a diversity of participants, with up to sixteen different countries represented!

Maurice Meyer and Roseanna Sacco have been Karma Ling organizers, together with Rakel Sosa, Gammadian Freeman, Ena Xena and Stephane Senator. They will focus on celebration, as they honor where they were and where they are today.

There has been an energetic exchange with the Buddhist community of Karma Ling over the years, exploring similarities and sharing practices. They will practice Being Energy movements, as well as pranayama breath and experience a gong bath among other activities.

Fala Sampa, or Speak Sampa will take place at the annual Sao Paulo, Brazil Sustainability Festival. Being Energy® Teachers will connect with others in an intense dialogue around the topic of Sustainable Turnaround, to share expression and movements that are already happening in Sao Paulo and turning the city.

Being Energy Teachers have been teaching and practicing Being Energy® movements in Sao Paulo and they will guide a class for hundreds of people at the festival. We can view Being Energy movements as a form of dialogue with ourselves, with others, with the earth, the universe, the dark sea of awareness, or Intent. We are excited to hear that the movements will be shared and used to connect with the Sao Paulo community in the city festival, as well as the Being Energy community.

The Fala Sampa website (in Portugese) quotes Physicist Alain Aspect to inspire our practice of connecting, “…subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other, despite the distance separating them, no matter if it is 10 meters … or 10 billion miles!”

Being Energy Teacher, Patricia Aguirre, one of the Fala Sampa organizers, invites the Being Energy community to join with the intent of their Sustainable Turnaround. They will practice on Sunday, August 31st at 1:30 PM Brazil time, which is 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Take a moment and practice a Being Energy® movement, or sit in silence and connect to Sao Paulo, Karma Ling, and the World on Sunday.