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Sound Sleep. Profound Dreams.

New dates are to be announced soon!

Join us in this sweet and lovely workshop to learn about sleeping deeply, experiencing profound dreaming and waking up renew. I will share with you about brain wave frequencies and stages of sleep an dhow your nervous system works so can turn it off at night and experience profound relaxation. You will learn and practice specific movement and breath sequences to open and go through the Gates of Dreaming, certain body centers that function like gates towards enhanced states of awareness and wellbeing. You will take home the steps to set your sleep hygiene and to set beneficial and profound dreaming. 

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Class Purposes

  • To share sacred and ancient techniques to set your dreaming
  • To educate you about brain waves and sleep stages
  • For you to experience deep relaxation as you maintain you ability to stay alert
  • For you to increase your body flexibility and breathing capacity through movement and breathing practices
  • To learn how to shift from negative to positive perceptions
  • To learn about building mental clarity and focus through self-awareness 

The workshop takes place in Topanga Canyon, located a few minutes away from Santa Monica downtown and 40 minutes away from LAX airport.

As a continuation of this work, Aerin is offering two more workshops: STRONG BODY. CALM MING and RECAPITULATION.. The workshops can be taken individually or together. Please contact Aerin for more information on the workshops and INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS. 

Three Steps to Dreaming: RELEASE. PROTECT. DREAM.


You can experience energy and wellbeing when you let go of that that is not longer serving you. Stressful thoughts and emotions can be transformed into information useful for your life. Through sacred practice of breath and movements you can set the body free to experience the beauty and magical nature of your transitory existence. 


You will learn different ways to protect your physical and energy bodies as well as supporting and inspiring you in creating your own ways to place a filter, boundaries to whatever or whomever comes to interfere with your emotional and spiritual health.  As the sacred forces of the universe protect you, you align with higher experiences of light and love. 


Set Intentions and practice maintaining your dreaming attention as you fall sleep. Surrendering is needed to enter into new areas of the self, new areas of the unconscious. The Gates of Dreaming are the openings and closing to these areas, and they serve to support and guide your Spirit to fulfill your dreams.

Who is this workshop for?

Aerin’s educational programs are available to anyone who is interested in learning about experiencing profound wellbeing and embodying wisdom to serve the call of the soul for higher service and purpose. This knowledge can serve for personal and professional use and the practices easily integrate with education and healthcare fields, including internal medicine, preventive healthcare, oriental medicine, movement and bodywork disciplines, Yoga, psychotherapy, somatic education and counseling.

What to bring to the Workshop

  • A mat or large thick blanket to lay comfortable on the floor
  • A large towel to use as a pillow
  • A hand towel or yoga belt
  • A notebook and pen
  • An eye mask
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle (we will provide water)
  • LUNCH: you will provide lunch for $ or you can bring your own

Who guides the workshop

The event is guided by  Aerin Alexander, who is traveling from Hawaii to bring the ALOHA spirit of ancient wisdom. Aerin is a somatic educator with forty years of experience teaching awareness through movements. Aerin is also a writer and worldwide workshop leader, and as a direct student of Carlos Castaneda has been living and leading his legacy for the last 30 years. 

Contact and Registration

Sound Sleep. Profound Dreams.

New dates are to be announced soon!

Join us in this sweet and lovely workshop to learn about sleeping deeply, experiencing profound dreaming and waking up renew.