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January 19 to May 17 -Fridays at 10:00 am Pacific 

Join our team of Being Energy Teachers from around the world to learn and practice easy to follow movement and breathe sequences to revitalize your body, focus your mind and gather your energy.  


This is a one time opportunity to meet BE Team in action and connect live online with practitioners all over the world, for FREE!


Register below so we can email you the zoom link and password. You will also have 24 hours access to the recordings. Do not miss it!


At Being Energy we are so excited to practice with you!

Our teachers love the energy passes so much that they are sharing their experience and knowledge with you for free.

Move, breathe, focus and enjoy!
Every Friday for 18 weeks we will practice the series for Gathering Energy. To revitalize mind, body and spirit is one of the main purposes Carlos Castaneda’s teachings. You will learn FOUR sequences, practiced standing or sitting:
  1. Gathering Energy First
  2. Gathering Energy for Intending
  3. Gathering Energy For Dreaming 
  4. Gathering Energy for experiencing Silence

What are the benefits?

Practice these exercises to:

BE FREE Practice Schedule

On Fridays.

From January 19 through May 17 at 10:00 am Pacific Time

January 19 – Anastasia Ganich – English/Russian 

Januar 26 – Aerin Alexander – English/Spanish 

February 2 – Sergei Minin – English/Russian 

February 9 – Tom Reavley – English/Spanish

February 16 – Pilar Soro – Spanish/English

February 23 – Crisologo Chavez – Spanish/English 

March 1 – Samu Pasqualotto – English/Italian

March 8 – Veronica Gonzales –  Spanish/English

March 15 – Tom Reavley – English/Spanish

March 22 – Pilar Soro – Spanish/English 

March 29 – Aerin Alexander – English/Spanish

April 5 – Donovan Netherland – English

April 12 – Patricia Aguirre – English/Portuguese

April 19 – Samu Pasqualotto – English/Italian

April 26 – Pilar Soro – Spanish

May 3 – Fernanda Palacios – Spanish

May 10 – Roland Koeck – English/Spanish

May 17 – Claudio Aguirre – English/Spanish 


Trusted by hundreds of students.

"The BE recapitulation classes have brought me confidence and support to plan strategies, write actions down, step forward to new daily actions. I am changing my life and creating my dream step by step, and I will not stop! Thank you!"

Veronica Pena School Teacher, Chef

"The movements of the BE vitality classes have helped me to mitigate the stress of daily life and to be more present at work and with my family. I feel younger and more vital, and I am very thankful!"

Crisologo Chavez Agricultural Engineer

"The Being Energy movements bring me sobriety and balance. I am more emotionally grounded, I am much more creative. I have new solutions for would-be problems. I have more strength and energy, and better health.”

Pilar Soro School Teacher

Who are guiding these practices?

Classes are conducted by Being Energy® Teachers, Anastasia Ganich, Pilar Soro, Tom Reavley, Samuele Pasqualotto, Crisólogo Zarate, Veronica Pena, Luis Alonso,  Margarita Risma, Patricia Aguirre, Marise Tochi, Sergei Minin, Fernanda Palacios, Beth Hartley, and Ross Murray.


Practices are guided in English, Spanish and Russian. Please see schedule for more details. 

Still have questions?

Contact us at

BE Free Practices

January 19 – May 17, 2024 at 10:00 am PT

Join our practices with amazing Being Energy Teachers to revitalize your whole being and have fun!