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Recapitulation: Recover Your Life Force

New dates are to be announced soon!

Supported by a remarkable wild and rustic setting, surrounded by mountains and trees we explore and practice ancient techniques to reset our clocks and liberate mind and body from anxiety and fear arriving to states of fluidity and high awareness, bringing back our perception to the Heart Center. 


Recapitulation is an ancient technique of self-knowing, an examination of past experiences made in the light to understand one’s life, and to change its course. 


The intention is to recapture parts of ourselves lost on past interactions by acknowledging pending issues and resolving them, updating limiting perception and freeing ourselves to experience new ways of being.

In this workshop you will practice specialized breath and movement sequences called energy passes to release unnecessary tension and stress and ground yourself in your center of energy, your life force. 

The workshop is taking place in Topanga Canyon, a town a few minutes away from Santa Monica and 40 minutes away from LAX airport.

As a continuation of this work, Aerin is offering two more workshops: STRONG BODY,CALM MIND and a workshop on deep sleep and DREAMING. The workshops can be taken individually or together. 

Please contact Aerin for information on the Workshops and on INDIVIDUAL and PRIVATE consultations.

Join us in this unique event the beautiful scenery where Santa Monica Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

Three Steps to Recapitulation: Remember. Breathe. Integrate.


You will practice remembering the imprint of experiences left in your tissues and internal organs. Recapitulation begins with recapturing energy left behind in past interactions with people that have affected your life, and with whom you experience lingering and unresolved feelings. As you remember details, you will travel back in time, recalling colors, smells, engaging your senses, reclaiming your essence and life force.


You will learn about breathing in specific rhythms to experience peace and silence. Breathing is a life sustaining force, and it is also the source of consciousness. Breathing is involved in all the biological functions and it adapts to your constant needs and changes, when awake and when sleep.  When recapitulating, you inhale what you lost behind, and exhale releasing the attachment to the experience, integrating it to the present moment.


You will be guided to integrate your past experiences to who you are today, updating limiting interpretations, releasing hurts and misunderstandings, and transforming your experiences into sources of wisdom, knowledge and confidence. By offering a more encompassing meaning and constructing new understandings, you can undo entanglements that no longer serve your highest good and reset yourself in a new direction.  

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in resolving issues from past interactions that may be causing you noise and emotional stress.


Aerin Alexander’s educational programs are available to anyone who is interested in learning about health and perception, for personal and professional use. The knowledge and practices easily integrate with education and healthcare fields, including internal medicine, preventive healthcare, oriental medicine, movement and bodywork disciplines, Yoga, psychotherapy, somatic education and counseling.

What to bring to the Workshop

  • A mat or large thick blanket to lay comfortable on the floor
  • A large towel to use as a pillow
  • A hand towel or yoga belt
  • A notebook and pen
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle (we will provide water)
  • LUNCH: you will provide lunch for $ or you can bring your own

Who guides the workshop

The event is guided by  Aerin Alexander, who is traveling from Hawaii to bring the ALOHA spirit of ancient wisdom. Aerin is a somatic educator with forty years of experience teaching awareness through movements. Aerin is also a writer and worldwide workshop leader, and as a direct student of Carlos Castaneda has been leading his legacy for the last 30 years. 

Contact and Registration

Recapitulation: Recover your Life Force

New dates are to be announced soon!

Join this special event to connect and experience your life force, center of creativity and energy, while breathing and moving and releasing past misunderstandings, setting yourself free.