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Kalani: A Recapitulation

Aloha Dear Community,

We have just wrapped up an unforgettable experience at Hawaii. The retreat—the first 5-day event at Being Energy—was an ideal setting for the focus theme of the workshop: the recapitulation technique. Over the course of the five days, everything we did, the Being Energy® movements, the recapitulation sessions, was highlighted by the forces of nature. The lush vegetation, the black lava, the tropical heat and the rain, all gave their distinct bodily experience and were an integral part of the experience at Kalani.

Because of the distance to get to Hawaii—its position in the middle of the ocean is part of its special nature, everyone who came had a great disposition and strong intention. We were lucky to have such a wonderful group. Participants came from the mainland US, Alaska, Argentina, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Lithuania and Russia, a crisscross of backgrounds that allowed us as a group to access a wide variety of views.

Besides the workshop sessions, the group got to start each morning bathing in a local hot springs by the ocean. See our photo with everyone doing feet Being Energy movements at the hot ponds!

During the workshop, we began with the question: Who am I? Peeling layers of how we see ourselves: our deep beliefs. The journey throughout was for each one to discover new layers, to add or expand those definitions or break free from some of them. Details over the recapitulation included guidelines on different types of recapitulation: Observing where does my attention go, Recapitulating how did I wake up, Recapitulating our behavior at work, Recapitulating relationships and Recapitulating a specific event. 

The ancient seer’s code gave everyone the chance to experience stopping the flow of their thoughts and leave the ind more readily pliable to see differently and change. These are indeed powerful movements, and they very much resonated with the powerful feel of the Big Island.

On the fourth day, we took those old ideas about ourselves up to the volcano. We took them to Pele, who lives in the lava, to help our individual intentions. For most of the way up, it looked like a storm weather was going to prevent us from making it, but at the end, we descended through a fern forest into the crater floor. It was foggy and mysterious as we hiked across the lava. This is pure earth energy as it gets. In geological time, the lava has barely cooled down for humans to walk on it, but one can still feel the force of the earth coming from deep below the surface under ones feet. This is what Carlos Castaneda called getting a boost from the earth. We each took in this boost to help us turn our wheels—our starting point of Who am I?

It was great to see Being Energy teachers begin to guide some sections of the movements –thank you Keiron. We want to see more and more of this happening at our workshops. We are thankful for the opportunity to have lived this retreat and we want to extend and share this feeling with you, all of the Being Energy community.

Here is a guideline for an easy to follow exercise for you to have a feel of the recapitulation:

Recapitulating how I woke up: Every day we are born again!

  • Practice any Being Energy® sequence of movements
  • Close your eyes
  • Bring your attention to your body, to the sensations in your physical body
  • Travel in Time: go back to feel how you woke up this morning
  • Stay present with the physical sensations and feelings that arose
  • Breathe in and out several times
  • Open your eyes and keep breathing
  • Close your practice bringing your hands to your heart. Try not to make any conclusions about it. Just enjoy the feeling of pausing to remembering the way you woke up

Aerin Alexander, Miles Reid and everyone at Being Energy