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Live Online Class – PWH cycle 53

"It's Five to Twelve" Part 2

September 1 – October 27. Sundays 10:00 am Pacific Time.

We invite you to submerge yourself in a nine-week exploration dedicated to self-discovery and self-understanding, to the deep meaning and value of  your human experience and, beyond that, your spiritual journey. 


It’s five minutes to twelve” is an expression Carlos Castaneda used to denote the awareness and presence of death in everyday life. “Since you, me, and everyone you know eventually will die, what is holding you back from living, fully and awake, an impeccable life, contributing to others’ betterment?” he asked. Death is our ally and a reminder that our clocks are ticking. How would you like to spend your time here, in this marvelous blue planet? 


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Schedule. Nine Classes.

All classes take place on Sundays from September 1 October 27  at 10:00 am Pacific Time.


All classes are recorded and available for one year after date of purchase.


Themes and Content:

  • Class1: September 1. Stopping the World. The Fourth Enemy.
  • Class 2: September 8. Old age as an Ally. What is your purpose?
  • Class 3: September 15. Seeing Energy as it flows in the universe. How old are you?
  • Class 4. September 22. Voluntarily acquiesce to Infinity. Who are you fighting? 
  • Class 5: September 29. You better let somebody love you. 
  • Class 6: October 6. Greater than Greed: Love
  • Class 7: October 13. Being in front of the train. Who is depressed? 
  • Class 8: October 20. The Other Syntax. Warrior’s Legacy. 
  • Class 9. October 27. Freedom: You only live twice. Once for yourself, once for your dreams. This dream is for you!

This unique cycle of PWH focusses on inspiring practitioners to introduce the awareness of death into their daily practice. Death serves to open the doors of perception to other levels of existence, beyond the physical world, to the underworld that ancient seers were so familiar with.  Taisha Abelar referred to ‘parallel worlds’ and Carlos Castaneda to ‘a separate reality.” Both Teachers where urging us to perceive beyond the conditioning of socialization, beyond the knowledge accumulated through life experiences, to find within ourselves a pool of silence, the dark sea of awareness, where daily we die and are reborn blooming into transitory existence. 

We will practice specific series of energy passes called “non-doing” to reorganize the nervous system for self-regulation and alignment with the larger forces of the universe.

We offer scholarships and tuition discount

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL info@beingenergy.com. Please include a brief statement of what inspires you to participate in these classes of Path with Heart, your commitment to be present in most of the live classes and a brief description of your expectations and goals. We look forward to assist you!


"A warrior-hunter knows that his death is waiting, and the very act he is performing now may well be his last battle on earth. He calls it a battle because it is a struggle. Most people move from act to act without any struggle or thought. A warrior-hunter, on the contrary, assesses every act; and since he has an intimate knowledge of his death, he proceeds judiciously, as if every act were his last battle." - Carlos Castaneda.


We offer PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS of 30 minutes after every class, to address and process individual needs and deepen knowledge and understanding of the themes presented in class. Registration to this private session is separate from the registration to the general group class.


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