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Live Online Classes – PWH cycle 51, 52, 53

Path with Heart New Era

April 7 – October 27, 2024. Twenty Seven Classes. Sundays 10:00 am Pacific Time.

Join our complete journey through new and unique series of Path with Heart: 

Cycle 51: Breathtaking, Amazing Life

Cycle 52: Blooming into Transitory Existence

Cycle 53: “It’s Five to Twelve” Part 2. 


You receive a $50 discount when you register to all three classes at once. 


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Schedule. Twenty-Seven Classes.

All classes take place on Sundays from April 7 to June 9 at 10:00 am Pacific Time.


All classes are recorded and available for one year after date of purchase.


CYCLE 51: 

Class 1: April 7. Your Tonal: What have they done to you?

Class 2: April 14. Overcoming autopilot and unfolding creativity.

Class 3: April 21. Discipline: the ability to experience Awe.

Class 4: April 28. Your Endless Fluctuations of Intensities.

Class 5: May 5. Aha! Your Breath Rising- “I am not I”

Class 6: May 12. The Other Syntax: The Cognition of the Seers.

Class 7: May 19. Your Tonal: your Breathtaking Amazing Life.

Class 8: May 26. Blooming into Existence: How many Breaths are left in me?

Class 9: June 2. The Nagual: The Being who doesn’t die..


CYCLE 52: 

  • Class 1: June 23. Steps to Dreaming
  • Class 2: June 30. The First Gate of Dreaming. Find your HEART.
  • Class 3: July 7. Fear as an enemy. Fear as an ally.
  • Class 4: July 14. The Second Gate of Dreaming.
  • Class 5: July 21. Power as an enemy. Power as an ally.
  • Class 6: July 28. The Third Gate of Dreaming
  • Class 7: August 4. Clarity as an enemy. Clarity as ally.
  • Class 8: August 11. The Fourth Gate of Dreaming.
  • Class 9: August 18. The Dreaming body: Blooming into Existence


  • Class1: September 1. Stopping the World. The Fourth Enemy.
  • Class 2: September 8. Old age as an Ally. What is your purpose?
  • Class 3: September 15. Seeing Energy as it flows in the universe. How old are you?
  • Class 4. September 22. Voluntarily acquiesce to Infinity. Who are you fighting? 
  • Class 5: September 29. You better let somebody love You. 
  • Class 6: October 6. On the wings of affection. 
  • Class 7: October 13. Being in front of the train. Who is depressed? 
  • Class 8: October 20. The Other Syntax. Warrior’s Legacy. 
  • Class 9. October 27. Freedom: You only live twice. Once for yourself, once for your dreams. This dream is for you!
We offer tuition discount and scholarships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL info@beingenergy.com. Please include a brief statement of what inspires you to participate in these classes of Path with Heart, your commitment to be present in most of the live classes and a brief description of your expectations and goals. We look forward to assist you!


"All the faculties, possibilities, and accomplishments of shamanism, from the simplest to the most astounding, are in the human body itself.” - Carlos Castaneda.


We offer PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS of 30 minutes after every class, to address and process individual needs and deepen knowledge and understanding of the themes presented in class. Registration to this private session is separate from the registration to the general group class.


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