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Live Online Class – PWH XLIV

Dream with Spirit

September 11 – November 27

In the final cycle of this series, you are ready to dream with Spirit. You unite your strong body and clear mind with the full awareness of your interconnection to the natural forces of life and the universe at large.


You don’t dream alone, none of us does. Conscious dreaming is constantly supported by the magic and mystery of life. As we identify our intentions and pursue to fulfill them, something beyond us is already dreaming it with us. We are not alone, the Spirit of life supports us and our dreams!


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In these classes you will practice:

  • A set of movements that follow the phases of the moon
  • Shamanistic strategies to guide your dreaming
  • Setting intentions and visualizing them in action
  • Being-In-Dreaming practices
  • Breathing exercises to enhance calm alertness
  • Meditation for the experience of Spirit and deep silence
  • Shamanistic rituals for nighttime dreaming
  • Daily rituals to keep you Dreaming with Spirit!

In each class, we will present different areas of dreaming according to the moon and sun phases. Seers from ancient Mexico lived in agreement with the cycles of stelar bodies and guided their daily life activities based on this intimate relationship. Co-dreaming with Spirit was not an abstract idea but it was embedded into the fabric of daily life.

We, Aerin, Miles and Tom, have personally opened ourselves to experience this connection daily. It has transformed and enriched our lives, expanding decision making processes, our commitment to serve, our love for the work we do and our roles as parents and grandparents. We want to support you to recall and reclaim this link for your own life.



We are offering COACHING SESSIONS for a small group of participants after each class to address and process individual needs.


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