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Revitalize Your Body

Total Body Reset

Awaken the energy force within

Begin the new year regaining your vitality and health! 


In this nine-week Teacher Training Program you learn movement and breath sequences to build self-awareness. You will also learn about nutrition, and engage in a DETOX PROGRAM to renew internal organs and revitalize your body. The purpose is to revamp your energy and feel strong and young again. 



Once vital energy is restored, it begins to flow uplifting and supporting you throughout your day. You can make choices unavailable to you before. 



You can rejoice practicing daily movements and feeling the force of life moving through you, sparkling your shinny eyes. You learn to master your body and guide others through a total body reset, to achieve health and joy.



The Teacher Training also includes a discovery coaching session with Aerin Alexander. Don’t miss it!

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Remember the joy you felt when you moved your body like a child—just for the pure pleasure of moving? The energy passes in this course lead you back to this feeling. You can dance these movements, and you can integrate them into your daily life. They can be practiced anywhere. They foster a spirit of purpose, confidence, affection and balance.
Engage. Detox. Revitalize.

This program includes detailed information about nutrition, another essential element of health and proper energy flow. You can choose food that makes you feel vibrant and vital, including the pleasure of cooking yourself and selecting it according to the season of the year and where you live. 



No matter your age or physical condition, this program is meant to support you feel more present, healthier and vital. It offers you the tools for teaching or coaching others to liberate the body’s nature energy flow.

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What are the benefits?

  • Increased alertness without caffeine 
  • Improved flexibility, coordination and balance 
  • Detoxification of your internal organs 
  • More available energy in your daily life
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Balanced emotions with proper nutrition
  • Greater stability
  • Enhanced ability to be present and enjoy life
  • Weight loss and lighter stronger body
  • Spontaneity and fluidity in your movements and daily actions
  • Waking up at sunrise filled with energy and purpose
  •  Better and deeper sleep 

What's included?

  • Nine webinars recordings
  • Each 90-minute webinar includes: physical and energetic exercises, visualizations, presentations on anatomy, physiology, nutrition and pressure points
  • A weekly handout for recipes and cooking instructions
  • Online practices recordings
  • Short videos with the Code Sequences
  • A 30-minute coaching session with AERIN ALEXANDER
  • Weekly assignments to support and inspire your daily practice with feedback from a senior Being Energy instructor
  • 24 hours access to class recordings and materials
  • 15 UNITS towards your certification. It is required a total of 20 units for certification in this module 1. We offer other courses, click here
  • A one-year renewal of your certification for those already certified on Module 1
  • 40% discount for Being Energy Teachers already certified on Module 1


Trusted by hundreds of students.

This is what our teachers say:

“With this training I feel that I have improved my flexibility and my ability to relate to the world. By practicing the Gathering Energy Form, I could feel my energy level increase in general, as well as a vibrant joy when I practice the form. Practicing the Breathing Form, I could see the breath as a means of bringing energy to the body as a whole.”

Valeria Brazil

“The Intending Presence form was very useful to me because I work many hours sitting. Practicing the Keys for Purpose and Confidence I could improve my mood. It was great to learn about assertiveness and sobriety. The Key for Reciprocity is such a beautiful way to perceive the heart. Thanks again.”

Valeria Brazil

“I would like to say that I am deeply satisfied with this course of Teacher Training for me it has become another step in the study of unique practices. It is wonderful to belong to Being Energy.”

Olena Malinina Russia

Who is guiding this training?

Being Energy® co-founder, Aerin Alexander will lead this Training program. Aerin is a dancer, a writer, and a somatic therapist. She holds a Masters of Science, and a second Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and has more than 30 years teaching somatic education and awareness through movement. She has been trained directly by Carlos Castaneda in shamanistic practices to revive the body and awaken the energy flow within. 

Aerin will work in collaboration with Being Energy teacher Tom Reavley and professionals guests. 

Read more about Aerin at

Available on Demand

You will receive access to all nine webinars, assignments and presentations, plus short videos with the energy passes sequences and details of practice. 

Contact aerin@beingenergy.com to schedule your private coaching session after registration. 

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Extra info


All classes are available to you at your Being Energy account 24/7 for three years from the date of purchase.


THIS TRAINING OFFERS 15 UNITS TOWARDS CERTIFICATION on Being Energy® Teacher Training Module 1. 

Revitalize Your Body – Total Body Reset

Available on Demand

Awaken the energy force within. Sign up today!

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